Humanforce is a powerful, flexible and easy to use Workforce Management, Time and Attendance and Rostering solution

Designed to streamline and automate operations in an organisation

while providing greater visibility for management by consolidating requirements into a single user-friendly interface, here's how Humanforce helps you to work better:

Time & Attendance

Manage the people in your business to be in the right place, at the right time, to make your business work better.

When you know who needs to be where and when, so the right people are in the right place, at the right time, your business works better. Monitoring time and attendance is an important management responsibility.

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Allow your employees to clock on and off with the touch of a finger. USB biometric vein scanning makes clocking portable, accurate and reliable.

Our preferred biometric clocking system is a Hitachi vein scanner because it can be run from any Windows browser making it totally portable. The vein scanner can be easily used in different locations across your business.

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Mobile Solutions

Use mobile phones and tablets to connect everyone in your business - employees and managers work better to manage time and attendance.

Connecting your people by mobile devices means they are always able to work better, no matter where they are. Use mobile phones and tablets for Employees clocking in and out, for checking rosters, making requests and managing leave.

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Rostering & Scheduling

Easy to use, clear and clean layout for managing all your rosters and rotas.

Integrate your Roster system with qualifications, leave planning and award interpretation in your Roster system – so you have all the information you need to create a roster that puts the right staff on shift every time.

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Employee and Manager Self Service

Put employees in control of their own time and availability. Allow managers to invest their time into managing people, not admin tasks.

Allow your employees to submit shift requests and swap bids. Make it simple to update personal details, apply for leave and to check allowances. Plus allow managers to easily look up attendance, approve sick leave, shift changes and more. All via mobile or a kiosk.

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Absence Management

Make replacing staff simple with a proven workflow process to manage any planned and unplanned absences.

Unexpected sick leave or other absence replacement shifts can be handled immediately with replacements from a shortlist of available and qualified staff contacted via email or SMS right away.

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Payroll Data

Payroll data is always accurate (no more manual errors) with automated awards, so when you link directly to your Payroll system, no manual data entry is needed and there are no mistakes.

With simple and accurate data exports in 1 click – it's not complicated just complete. And using the employment rules engine you'll know what benefits, allowances, rates and pay rules to apply to each employee automatically.

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Key Performance Indicators

Get employee-related data quickly, simply and accurately. Measure outcomes instantly and use insights to power improvements to your business.

Industry specific KPIs can be set up to work dynamically from your Roster information – which makes measuring any employee-related data quick, simple and accurate.

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Compliance and Award

Having one source of truth for employee data makes managing compliance accurate and easy. Plus real costs in real time, for every employee, every payroll.

Meet your compliance obligations with all the data you need, in one system and get alerts to remind when updates are needed. Ensure accurate timesheet and payroll data across countries, cost centres, contracts or employment agreements every time with the awards engine.

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Onboard new employees rapidly and effortlessly. Get them working with your business sooner. No paper forms. No manual processes.

Generate contracts and policies requiring employee acknowledgement and consent, and send them to new hires to complete online via tablet or phone. Allow managers to approve them digitally and get them starting work sooner. Paper-free means saving time, money and the environment.

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