10 unique ways to boost employee engagement

While every business is out and about offering flexible working hours and table tennis – Humanforce has seen some pretty innovative employee engagement boosting strategies from our clients and partners. If you’re looking for ways to boost your company engagement, take a look at our list for some inspiration!

1. Regular, anonymous, quick surveys. Platforms like TinyPulse use short and frequent pulse surveys to give instant insights. Rather than an annual or quarterly survey, these take up no time, and when sent out regularly can help to build up employee dialogue on the issues they find important. Completely anonymous, these platforms create a proactive and safe communication platform to learn about what drives your staff. Our tip – send a survey question weekly, at the same time each week to maximise staff uptake.

2. Celebrate all the wins. Hold an office party each quarter – don’t just recognise the highest performers, but celebrate everyone for the effort they’ve put in. Rewarding tenure, successful team targets and movement of the business is a whole brings employees together. Our tip – mix it up, rather than traditional after work drinks, host a breakfast with pancakes or order pizza in!

3. Make sure your employees receive regular and constructive feedback and encouragement. Research shows that approachable and empathetic managers foster more engaged employees, so rather than annual reviews consider informal quarterly coffee meetings instead.

4. Get teams out in the community. Volunteering is good for everyone, encourage your team to spend a day volunteering at an animal shelter, helping an environment group or signing up as a mentor. Not only can this be a valuable team building experience, but it also helps boost individuals morale and relationship to the business.

5. Kit out your crew. Branded T-shirts, hoodies, notepads etc. Employees appreciate feeling like part of a team – so give them a gift that unites them. Company t-shirts are low cost, but help to create a sense of belonging, and make your company look like a trendy start up.

6. Get your directors out talking. Get your company head sharing information about the business with the business. People want to know what’s happening and recognise that their hard work is helping the business reach its goals and grow. Encourage your directors to share information with teams on a regular basis – like at a weekly all-hands meeting or dropping in on team scrums every now and again.

7. Make your office people friendly. Get some plants, standing desks and some artwork. Do away with tacky walls of post-its and fix the air-conditioning. Your office space doesn’t need to be super trendy or expensive, it needs to be functional. Create spaces where people can relax, work together and work alone. Make office space interesting and personal, but clear out the clutter. Our tip – let people decorate their workspaces with photos and things that help make their desk their own.

8. Be nicer to each other. Sounds simple, but encourage an environment where people say please and thank-you. It can be easy to forget simple manners, but people appreciate politeness. A small gesture of kindess every now and again helps build morale and community. Lead by example and others will follow.

9. Ensure smooth on-boarding. Make sure that new-starters to your business are looked after until they find their feet. Simple things like ensuring all their paperwork is completed in advance, introducing them to their team mates, and showing them the good places to get lunch all make a huge difference.

10. Make sure support is available. While collaboration and team work are all important, it’s important to recognise that employees spend half their waking hours at work. Supporting employees can be really simple, for example making sure they have access to healthy snacks, but it can also mean supplying gym subsidies or supporting those studying. Supporting employees to be healthy, educated and allowing them to have active lives outside of work is key to engaged and happy workers.

Humanforce is a complete WFM solution, designed to automate time consuming and error prone processes, to put hours back into your business. People are the most important asset of our, and every business, which is why Humanforce actively promotes the support of an engaged workforce, as it benefits are greater than just saving time or money.